Baylor @ Buffalo

The Baylor Bears unleash Bryce Petty and KD Cannon on the Buffalo Bulls tonight on national TV at 7 pm Central time.


Army meets Buffalo on Saturday at West Point.'s Jim Lawler compares the two teams in several critical areas. He also makes a prediction on the game's final score.

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NFL Draft Top 100: 1-25

Here's a list of the 2014 NFL Draft Top 100, 1-25. The top rated player is defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, followed by outside linebacker Khalil Mack and offensive tackle Greg Robinson. 2014 NFL Draft Top 100

Finally, the NFL Draft is right around the corner, now only a few days away, with the first round beginning on Thursday night. Here's a look at the last 2014 NFL Draft Top 100. It's a very deep class led by South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, four offensive tackles, wide receiver Sammy Watkins, linebacker Khalil Mack and a handful of quarterbacks.

Mock Draft 3.0

Who would I pick for each NFL team if I were the General Manager of every franchise? Read it here because many of the picks vary from my first two Mock Drafts, where I predicted who I thought each team would select on Thursday, May 8th.

Mock Draft 1.0

Is it Jadeveon Clowney,Khalil Mack, a quarterback or offensive tackle taken with the first pick by the Houston Texans? Here is my first Mock Draft.

NFL Draft Top 100: 1-25

Here is a look at the top 25 NFL Draft prospects in our Top 100. This class is led by two defensive prospects in end Jadeveon Clowney and outside linebacker Khalil Mack.

Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

The NFL Draft begins Thursday, May 8. We are now less than two months away and in the middle of pro day workouts for the vast majority of the prospects. Here's a close look at the revised Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects led by Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack, two offensive tackles and three quarterbacks.

"LIVE" ScoutCast Best of the Midwest Combine

The Midwest recruiting team will broadcast "LIVE" following the Best of the Midwest combine in Indianapolis, Indiana on Monday, Feb. 17th starting around 2:15 p.m. est.

2014 NFL Draft Top 100

Jadeveon Clowney holds the top spot in the 2014 NFL Draft Top 100 prospects. Where's Johnny Manziel ranked? Who are some surprises in the first 25?






  • 01.


    Commits: 21
    Points: 4,120
    Conference: SEC
  • 02.


    Commits: 22
    Points: 3,601
    Conference: SEC
  • 03.

    South Carolina

    Commits: 27
    Points: 3,448
    Conference: SEC
  • 04.


    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,394
    Conference: SEC
  • 05.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,260
    Conference: SEC
  • 06.

    Texas A&M

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,259
    Conference: SEC
  • 07.

    Florida State

    Commits: 18
    Points: 3,109
    Conference: ACC
  • 08.

    Penn State

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,034
    Conference: Big Ten
  • 09.

    Notre Dame

    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,011
    Conference: Indep
  • 10.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 2,944
    Conference: ACC
  • 107.


    Commits: 4
    Points: 210
    Conference: MAC